Line by Line - business analysis for passenger rail


Revenue analysis and short-run demand forecasting

Your company needs to have regular information about several key revenue and demand indicators:

If any of these are unsatisfactory, then other actions such as marketing and cost reduction programmes may be needed. Short term forecasts should be amended to take emerging results into account. The effects of other changes must also be allowed for e.g. economic factors, fares increases, allocations (especially Travelcard and ORCATS), service changes and new products.

How we can help

Line by Line can undertake these analysis tasks, often at short notice. We may also suggest additional useful analyses. We can either provide advice and training to the incumbent revenue analyst or provide a full period reporting service while a permanent replacement is found. We are experienced in the interrogation and use of the railway ticket revenue database, LENNON.  We have carried out a large amount of work in this area, including:


Revenue vs. forecast and last year by product group